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Gift Certificates for a Photo Shoot

Are you looking for a baby shower gift? Giving everlasting memories is priceless. Newborn photos will be cherished a lifetime and never forgotten. Deer Baby Gift Certificates can be purchased for any photography package.

Spring Mini Sessions 2023

Hello Spring Time! Blossom by blossom the spring begins… and we are ready to capture it! Every Spring we offer Spring Minis: 30 minute long sessions on specific days and locations. These sessions are for families without newborns. Your child/children should be able to sit on their own or walk. Locations: New York, NJ, Queens, Brooklyn, Westchester, Nashville!

Let’s hope for some beautiful cherry blossoms this year!

flyer for spring minis with three photographies of family and toddlers

One Day in Your Life with photographer Franzi

You think a day in your life is boring and ordinary and consists of diaper changes, cleaning up messes, breaking up fights and prepping food and snacks non stop only? Think again! Because in every ordinary moment there are extraordinary memories hiding. Moments that you don’t even realise are happening because you are already thinking about the next task at hand…

We want to document One Day in the Life of your Family. Our beloved photographer Franzi will spend about 8 hours with you and cover your daily routine. Let’s capture those moments and freeze them forever in a photographic documentary about a day in your ordinary, but yet extraordinary life :)

This could involve everyone getting up and ready, having pancakes and bacon, spending the day doing something totally regular. This can include grocery shopping, getting a hair cut, doing a puzzle, washing the dog, ice cream in the park, cooking a family meal. And since it’s YOU, it will be your story, with all the little things that make your family special and unique. Instead of covering the morning routine you could also start with a day activity and then end the shoot with the night time routine. Bath time and hair washing tantrum included… This will get you the most beautiful, honest, and fun photos!

The fee for the One Day in the Life Session will be $3200, with all digital files included, around 300 – 400 photos. Also included in the price is 1 photo album with Mohawk Superfine Eggshell paper. To prep for your shoot, you will do a 30 min phone consultation with Franzi prior to your shoot.

This session type is not meant for formal family photos, it is a photographic documentary with all of the goings-on in your lifestyle on a regular day. You’ll forget the camera is even there, so that Franzi will be able to cover honest moments and real emotions that you might sometimes miss or later forget. This will allow you to travel back in time to that little slice of life.

Mother’s Day Special

Hello Dads! Time to get your kid’s mom something special this year! Oh who are we kidding, dad’s barely come here… Moms, you need to get this for yourself. Treat yourself to what you deserve: A beautiful, relaxing photo shoot with your child/children. One hour, outside, any day in May. Locations: New York, NJ, Queens, Brooklyn, Westchester, Nashville!