Questions we get a lot

What should we wear for our family session?

Of course you can wear whatever you want for your Family Session, but if you would like to hear our recommendation, here we go! Please avoid being too matchy, like blue jeans and white t-shirt for everyone. Instead, consider the season and put together colors that go well together. Also please keep in mind that we don’t want kids freezing or daddies sweating. :-)

For family photos in your home we want to make sure that the focus is on the baby, so neutral colors are always a good choice. Avoid dark and heavy colors because those swallow light in sometimes already dark apartments. :-)

What is your shooting style?

You don’t love posing? Then we might just be the right fit. We love to capture your daily routine, from family lunch, to bath time, cuddle time, play in the park – without any posing at all. We aim to tell a story and provide a glimpse into the unique dynamics in your family’s daily life. We love to feature candid shots of family members engaged in routine activities, as well as important milestones and events. Our goal is to capture the authenticity and essence of your family, kind of like creating a visual record of your lives for future generations.

Honor the meaningful loved ones in your life by photographing those who matter most. Deer Baby believes in authentic and natural newborn, baby, and family photography. We put our hearts into capturing the little details that make you a unique family. We love documenting the REAL which is why we try to keep posing to a minimum. We prefer exploring who you are with true interactions. Most importantly: Let your children be their beautiful selves. 🙂

Does my apartment have to be beautiful and super clean?

Absolutely not. We know that NYC apartments can be tiny. We can make the best out of every interior situation. Trust us, we’ve seen it all. If you clear one area near a window that we can shoot in, that’s plenty.

Do you have studio for our newborn session?

Nope. We will come to your home! :-) That’s easier for you and way better for authentic and natural photos. And if your child is older than the newborn phase, New York City  is our backdrop! Let’s go outside and capture what Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the other borrows have to offer!

What do you bring to a shoot?

Our photographers will bring everything they need to a shoot. Besides their professional photography equipment, they will only bring what they can carry and fits our style. This entails:

  • A couple of blankets and swaddles (for newborns only)
  • Some headbands (also just for newborns)
  • For older kids, we recommend that you talk about including bubbles or balloons
  • Photographers do NOT bring: a cake for cake smash shoots, apple crates, or baskets.

If you have personal items you would like to use, we are happy to incorporate them. Feel free to schedule a phone call with your photographer prior to the session, to make sure you two are on the same page with props. In general, Deer Baby Photography doesn’t have a prop-heavy shooting style. We focus on what we have to work with – which is your beautiful family in your authentic home. No worries, we’ll make it work.

newborn swaddled in a grey blanket with its feet sticking out wearing a headband eyes closed

5 things you need to know before your shoot with us!

The video will tell it all :-)

Who runs Deer Baby?

Julia Cawley, born and raised in Germany, founded Deer Baby Photography in 2013. She has since grown it to a little herd of 5 photographers in the NYC area. Deer Baby Photography was born!

Julia has since moved to Hamburg, Germany, where she now lives with her husband and two daughters. She runs Deer Baby from over there – with the help of our customer service superstar Jana.

Let’s Zoom

If you have a couple of questions before booking a session with us, please use this link to schedule a call with Julia Cawley, the owner of Deer Baby Photography.

portrait of good looking young woman with a profound glance and a strong aura

All videos shot & edited by @markuskoepke

What is the timeline of a session?

  • First you reach out

    You can fill out our CONTACT FORM or give us a call: 646-818-9356. 

    How far in advance should you reach out? Booking early will help you secure the day you want, but we take last minute bookings, too. Some times that are more busy than others—such as weekends and holiday season — so please reach out early if that’s when you’re looking to book!

  • Start planning your session

    We currently have our wonderful photographers Franzi, Cary, Anjola, Renée, and Maggie in NYC. Once we connected you to your photographer you can start planning all the details together, such as location, activity, and timing.

    Start planning your session

  • We schedule a session

    Then you schedule your shoot. If your baby isn’t born yet, we put down a tentative date, that can easily be rescheduled, depending on the actual arrival of your little one.


    What location should we choose for our shoot? Our photographer will come to your home for the photo session. If your little one is over 6 months old, you can also meet us at a versatile location of your choosing for a family session. We’re happy to discuss the different options and help you select from a variety of locations we love across the city.



    After the shoot, it’s time to pay your invoice. This can be through wire transfer, Venmo, or Zelle. Either way, payment is due after the shoot, but before we deliver the photos.


    After payment and within 3 weeks of your shoot, your photographer will deliver the photos through an online gallery. We also offer 7 day express delivery for a surcharge. You can then optionally get your photos printed through the gallery and/or download them in high resolution. We also offer photo albums!